Kegels for Penis Enlargement and Premature Ejaculation

Kegeling while doing Jelqs, stretches, or any penile exercise promotes more blood flow to the penis. In turn, this often enhances the effectiveness of each exercise. So once you get the hang of kegeling, combine Kegels with your other exercises.

Kegels can be done by both men and women. Teach your partner to do Kegels and greatly add pleasure to your sexual experience. If a woman squeezes her PC muscle (i.e, kegels) during intercourse, her vagina tightens - increasing the pleasure for everyone involved!

The Kegel and Premature Ejaculation

"Uh-Oh, I am coming too quickly. . . What did I do?"

Some men find themselves ejaculating quicker than normal when they first start kegeling. Some men even find that they have a case of unwanted premature ejaculation.

If this happens to you, be sure that you're relaxing your PC muscle while having sex. Many penile exercisers find that once they learn how to Kegel, they're unconsciously kegeling during sex. This quickly drains the strength of the PC muscle.

Don't give up on kegeling if it causes temporary premature ejaculation. This beginner kegeling side effect typically passes in just a few weeks time - and you'll be able to last even longer in the bedroom once you get over it. The stronger your PC muscle, the easier it is to stop your self from ejaculating all together.

Another thing that could cause you to cum too fast is overtraining your Kegels. Remember that you don't want to Kegel every day, at least in the beginning. As with all exercising, the goal is to start out light and work your way up. Source: Learn more about kegel exercises here....

Kegel Exercises For Men

You don't need Viagra to cure erectile dysfunction
Just Kegel

Most men know about the Kegel. The exercise isn't new. The Kegel was discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940's to help women tighten their vaginas after giving birth.

The Kegel was later found to be just as beneficial for men wanting to improve their sex lives. Yet, for one reason or another, most men skip out on the Kegel because it's the only penile exercise that doesn't directly enlarge the penis.

Kegel exercises for men - what they can do

Do you want to fix premature ejaculation?
Do you want to stop erectile dysfunction?
Do you want to have a hard and healthy penis?
Then Kegel.

If your exercising your penis to improve your sex life, then you'll want to Kegel. Along with providing harder, longer-lasting erections, the Kegel has provided men with a long array of other sexual benefits. Here's a quick list of what Kegel exercises have done for some men:
  • The Kegel builds a harder penis and longer-lasting erections
  • The Kegel improves penile blood flow
  • The Kegel builds a healthier prostate
  • The Kegle increases the angle of erection (for example, one man declared that his penis use to point towards the floor when erect, but now the Kegel helped his penis point straight out)
  • The Kegel indirectly elnarges the penis. (The Kegel does this by increasing the blood flow to the penis, and making it as hard - as thus as big - as possible.)
  • The Kegle increases ejaculation volume
  • The Kegel produces stronger orgasms and more intense ejaculations
  • The Kegel increases shooting distance of ejaculation (As rumor has it, Peter North - the furthest long-distance shooter in the porn business - kegeled religiously)
  • The Kegel cures post-nucturition dribble (in which urine consistently dribbles from the penis after you go pee)
  • The Kegal builds your staying-power - of urine, that is (Several men report that after they started kegaling, they no longer had to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom as they did before).
  • The Kegel increases control of ejaculation, which leads to greater sexual stamina and even male multiple orgasms
Many doctors, sexual experts, and websites refer to the the Kegel as the "Sexercise" for all the benefits it provides. And it's true - with all of these benefits, it's a wonder every man isn't waiting in line to do his daily Kegels. Source: Learn more about kegel exercises here....

Male Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises were developed in the 1940's by Dr. Arnold Kegel to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Pregnant women do them to ease childbirth. The exercises strengthen the muscles that control the urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum in both men and women.

Male kegel exercises help prevent both urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids, and increase the flow of blood to the genitals. Increasing the flow of blood to the penis is a major element in penis enlargement. Male kegel exercises also help you control your erection, and some men say they enhance orgasm.

As you read the male kegel exercise description, notice how easy they are to do. You can do them at your desk or while watching television and no one will know.

Male kegel exercises are not a "no pain, no gain" proposition, either. There should be no pain. So read this male kegel exercise description and get started.

First, learn to feel your pelvic floor muscle. While you are urinating, stop the flow. The muscle you use to stop the flow is the pelvic floor muscle.

Now that you can feel your pelvic floor muscle, you can start your male kegel exercises.

Simply contract the muscle and hold that contraction for the count of three. Do not contract to the point of pain, especially if you already have hemorrhoids. Slowly release and relax.

Repeat the contraction and release five times, if you can, to begin with. There, now you have done a set of kegel exercises. Gradually increase the number of repetitions in the set, without over-taxing your pelvic floor muscles.

Repeat a set of your male kegel exercises three or four times a day. Gradually increase the strength of the muscle contraction. Learn more about male kegel exercises here....

PC Muscle Workout Advice

You've probably heard about it before, the PC muscle, or pelvic floor muscle. The full name for this is the pubococcygeus muscle, and it regulates urine and semen flow.

You may have heard of women doing "pelvic floor exercises" to improve vaginal muscle tone and improve sexual stimulation. Similar exercising can be beneficial to men as well.

Using specific exercise to strengthen this muscle, and concentrate the mind on using it can help with sexual stamina. There are also reports that having a strong, well trained PC muscle can facilitate the male multiple orgasm.

With exercise, you can experience harder erections, with more blood flow to the penis. You can better control when you ejaculate, and therefore last longer in bed, and some sources have advised using PC flexes to help to promote prostate health.

Finding The PC Muscle

Finding the PC muscle is fairly easy. If you are trying to locate it in a flaccid state, the easiest way to do this is to try to stop mid-flow when urinating. When you can stop the flow, you are using the PC muscle. You may need to do this several times to make sure that you are flexing the correct muscle.

If you are trying to locate the PC muscle in an erect state, this is a little more difficult. Most men have experimented with making the penis 'jump' when erect, and this uses the PC muscle to make it move.

Exercising PC Muscle

This exercise is best performed seated, with the penis erect. Tense your PC muscle so your penis jumps up for 3-5 seconds and then relax.

This would be called one rep. When you begin to do this exericse, you might find that your erection disappears as you exercise. This is normal, and you should only restimulate yourself to a full erection once you are less than 50% erect.

It is helpful to do this exercise in an erect state when you are learning how to do it, as it will make sure that you are exercising the right muscle, but once you are confident that you can flex the correct muscle even when flaccid, you may want to try dong this flaccid throughout the day.

This means that you can easily incorporate this exercise into your daily life, whether you are stuck in traffic, or sat at a computer, you can be exercising and improving your sexual stamina anytime. Learn more about PC muscle workout advice here....
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